Wood Drying Controller – New Smart

Wood Drying Controller - New Smart

the smartest and high-tech wood drying controler for medium and large wood drying companies!

What is the new smart wood drying controller?

The New Smart Wood drying Controller is the traditional system offered by Marrari for small, medium and large companies wishing to automate their drying process quickly and smartly.

It also includes several features for the entire drying process to occur in a fast, efficient and economical way.

And in addition to all this, all the wood drying family equipment, have the resources to optimize your production for the 4.0 industry means and OEE methods!

How does new smart guarantee the quality of the final product?

Because it offers the operator several tools in its supervisory, and CLP, so that it obtains a fine control over the drying process. Like curves with decimals of temperature, baths, extra phases and more!

So ensure that your wood at the end of the whole process is without any commitment or cracks in it, that is, without any waste of material or wear of unnecessary equipment.

And why use the Marrari equipment?

Because our equipment is optimized for your company! We create ways to improve the performance of production processes without excessive loss using methods such as OEE and Industry 4.0. Thus creating a more efficient, productive and modern production environment!

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Want to know more technical information about the product? Check below for more information and ask for a quote!


  • Monitoring of control variables (desired x Real);
  • Monitoring the position of the actuators;
  • Decimal house in all monitored quantities;
  • Smooth transition between phases;
  • Record in the database minute by minute;
  • SQL Server database;
  • Multiuser access via local area network or internet;
  • Access register; Recording Software from the PLC remotely (via internet);
  • Restore CLP memory;
  • Compatible with different types of greenhouses;
  • Compatible with different actuators (on / off proportional / motorized);


  • Programmable drying phases (16 + 1 Phases)
  • Stages of Heating, Drying, Uniformization, Conditioning, Cooling
  • Extra Stages of Conditioning
  • Ramp reheat after scheduled shutdown
  • Curve programmable by TBS x TBU / TBS x UR / TBS x UE / TBS x PS
  • Independent Activation of Actuators
  • Independent speed, fan cycle and bath time per Phase
  • Smart Damper (heating aid)
  • Alarm + Dry TBU Automatic Deactivation / Activation
  • Fault Alarm on Reference TBS (Inverted Sensors or Fans / Fault Sensors)
  • Dry Radiator Maintenance Routine: Condensation Removal


  • Phase switching
  • Alarm log
  • Record interruptions, power outage, operator, maintenance
  • Sends Parameters to the PLC with identification of the responsible


  • Sending Alarms (from CLP) via email
  • Sends Diagnosis via email
  • Virtual Sensors


  • 2nd TBU
  • Boiler Pressure
  • Sprinkler Pump Pressure
  • Compressed Air Line Pressure
  • Sprinkler Hot Water Temperature
  • Vapor Flow
  • Electric power consumption
  • Weather Station: Relative Temperature / Humidity
  • Extra 1 / Extra 2 (4-20mA Miscellaneous Sensors)


  • Phytosanitary Report
  • Measurement of Wood Moisture per Package: UMI- PACK

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    Who is already using Wood Drying Controller – New Smart?

    • We reduced our drying times and also our loss rate, which was greatly optimized. At the drying time level, we decrease the time by about 20%.