Wood Drying Controller – New Easy

Wood Drying Controller - New Easy

the easiest and most intuitive wood drying controler from marrari!

What is the new easy wood drying controller?

The New Easy wood drying Controller, is the perfect solution for small drying plants where the factor economy in the facility and in the steam and energy is determinant.

In addition, New Easy controls the essences parameters of the drying process and leads them automatically.

How does new easy guarantee the quality of the final product?

Because it offers the operator several tools in its supervisory, and CLP, so that it obtains a fine control over the drying process. Like curves with decimals of temperature, baths, extra phases and more!

So ensure that your wood at the end of the whole process is without any commitment or cracks in it, that is, without any waste of material or wear of unnecessary equipment.

And why use the Marrari equipment?

Because our equipment is optimized for your company! We create ways to improve the performance of production processes without excessive loss using methods such as OEE and Industry 4.0. Thus creating a more efficient, productive and modern production environment!

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