Biomass and Granulates Moisture and Density Meter – M75D

accurate density and moisture meter for biomass and granulates

What is the moisture and density meter for biomass and granulates m75D?

The M75D, moisture and density meter for biomass and granulates, is a unique product in the market. Its high technology, precision and reliability resulted in large national and international companies adopting it as a primary moisture meter.

The M75D is similar to a M75, but with a scale so that it is possible to measure the density of the material as well as its humid and dry density.

But why is the M75D humidity meter so accurate and reliable?

Because it works via calibration curve and recipes. And as a result, the more you use the M75D, moisture meter and density for biomass and granulates, the more accurate it will be!

Why do large companies use and recommend M75D?

Because it offers moisture information at the time. And better yet, it offers the PCU (calorific power) of the material being measured. In Reusmo, when buying chips or any other organic material for burning for power generation, you may be purchasing by PCU, that is, you buy the energy and not the water that is contained in the material or total weight.

How do you calibrate the m75d?

Very simple! by our software umidata. Each time you make a measurement, it is saved to the device. After that, you can download this data to a PC where our software will collect the data and you can create your curve for a particular recipe (product).

What else does this umidata offers?

It is a powerful tool for storing data collected by the meter and downloaded via USB to a PC, where you can also check and create calibration curves for your recipes.

This data can then be demonstrated in various types of charts, historical and exported in Excel or other types of files.

If I want to buy the meter with a recipe ready for my product?

Just send a sample of your product to us at Marrari. More specifically Umilab, where we will create a specific recipe for you according to the lab!

And we can also calibrate and re-calibrate your equipment!

Contact us to find out more!

And why use the Marrari equipment?

Because our equipment is optimized for your company! We create ways to improve the performance of production processes without excessive loss using methods such as OEE and Industry 4.0. Thus creating a more efficient, productive and modern production environment!

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Want to know more technical information about the meter? Check below for more information! and ask for your budget!


The  M75 – D  is a portable laboratory for field use. Mounted on a practical set that facilitates its transport on the factory floor, it includes the following items:

  • Moisture meter  M75 ;
  • Platform balance;
  • Shovel for filling;
  • Leveling ruler;
  • Rechargeable battery with great autonomy (it does not use the power of the network);


The moisture readings present a maximum average error of 3% or 5% of full scale error when used with granulometry materials and uniform composition.



The  M75-D  measures and calculates the apparent  density  of the material instantly  . This value is of great importance for the determination of the amount of alkali needed in the processing of the wood chips. Applying the correct amount of alkalis ensures a stable and lower KAPPA, optimized process times, reduction in fiber loss and tooth reduction.


  • Sample volume up to 35 Liters
  • LitersMoisture Measurement from 3 to 70% BU, resolution 0.1%
  • Weight measurement up to 30kg, 10g resolution
  • Rechargeable battery with 8 hours continuous use
  • Communication via USB port + Wireless channel
  • Dimensions 350 x 450 mm + platform 400 x 400 mm
  • Weight of the equipment of 15KG


  • Moisture and chip density for cellulose
  • Humidity of biomass for fuel
  • Cane bagasse moisture for fuel
  • Moisture and chip density for MDF and MDP
  • Instant PCU assessment
  • Trade in biomass

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    Who is already using Biomass and Granulates Moisture and Density Meter – M75D?

    • Marrari Automação participates in the pioneering Fluff pulp fabrication project, developed by Suzano Papel e Celulose – SP, measuring the humidity of the same in line, at the exit of machine with the UMIPAPER system.

      Suzano Papel e Celulose