Wood Moisture Meter – M55-56 Sword

Wood Moisture Meter - M55-56 Sword

wood moisture meter with high precision sword-type sensor

What is the moisture meter for wood M55-56 sword?

The Wood Moisture meter M55-56 Espada is a tip meter developed entirely in Brazil by the Marrari and has an extremely easy use for all type of user and with the ease of the rod, to measure in the middle of the wooden pallets.

This moisture determiner is used on the factory floor and at the inlet and/or outlet of the greenhouse, so its construction is robust, with high quality raw materials to withstand daily use.

And what is the big difference from the M55-56 sword to the M51 and M52?

It is that the M55-56 Espada has a 95cm rod for insertion in the middle of the wooden pallet, thus measuring a sphere where it encompasses more than one wooden plank, resulting in a much more accurate average.

And besides this rod for measuring moisture, it also has another measuring point on the meter itself, just like a M51 or M52.

For you manager or production leader, what does the M55-56 Espada offer?

It comes bundled with our software Umidata, a powerful tool for storing data collected by the meter and downloaded via USB to a PC.

This data can then be demonstrated in various types of charts, historical and exported in Excel or other types of files.

Why have a moisture meter for wood?

It is important to have a moisture meter like the M55-56 sword in the process of processing and drying wood because it is in the moisture that the quality of the wood can be determined.

A very moist wood, can embolate or create fungi, and a very dry wood, can pawn and become unusable.

And why use the Marrari equipment?

Because our equipment is optimized for your company! We create ways to improve the performance of production processes without excessive loss using methods such as OEE and Industry 4.0. Thus creating a more efficient, productive and modern production environment!

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  • Allows the reading of moisture in parts inside wooden stacks;
  • Allows reading of samples inside drying chambers, allowing intervention in the drying process;
  • Facilitates identification of faults and drying problems;
  • Prevents forklift movement for sample removal;
  • Reduces risk of accidents at the time of inspection of the lot;
  • Reduces labor employed to perform inspection;
  • Facilitates the classification of lots by moisture and correct targeting of wood;
  • Inspects significant amount of samples;


  • Instant reading
  • Calibrated by the specific wood mass of 0.20 to 1.20 g / cm³
  • Record up to 1,000 readings
  • Date and time record of the readings
  • Backlit LCD graphic display
  • Reports: batch, period, supplier; species; greenhouse; etc
  • Two measuring bases; sword and meter base
  • Heavy Duty Connector
  • Software for storage with database and statistical data
  • Data transfer to EXCEL
  • Interconnection with EcoPwoer automation system
  • Measuring Range: 2 - 75% BS
  • Rechargeable battery for 8 hours of continuous use
  • USB port
  • Sword sensor with 10mm thickness
  • It has 95 cm of length in the measuring sword

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    Who is already using Wood Moisture Meter – M55-56 Sword?

    • With the implementation of Marrari’s Ecopower software, we were able to reduce drying times and considerably improve wood quality, mainly by reducing the crack rate. Regarding energy and biomass, we had some gains, but we did not measure the values ​​due to the fact that we increased production and increased consumption in other sectors.

    • We reduced our drying times and also our loss rate, which was greatly optimized. At the drying time level, we decrease the time by about 20%.