Wood Moisture Meter – M52

Wood Moisture Meter - M52

advanced wood moisture meter capable of storaging data

What is the moisture meter for wood M52?

The moisture meter for wood M52 is developed entirely in Brazil by Marrari and has an extremely easy use for all type of user.

This moisture meterer is used on the factory floor, so its construction is robust, with high quality raw materials to withstand daily use.

And for you, the manager or production leader, what does the M52 offer?

It comes bundled with our software Umidata, a powerful tool for storing data collected by the meter and downloaded via USB to a PC.

This data can then be demonstrated in various types of charts, historical and exported in Excel or other types of files.

Why have a moisture meter for wood?

It is important to have a moisture meter such as the M52 in the process of processing and drying wood because it is in the moisture that the quality of the wood can be determined. A very moist wood, can embolate or create fungi, and a very dry wood, can pawn and become unusable.

And why use the Marrari equipment?

Because our equipment is optimized for your company! We create ways to improve the performance of production processes without excessive loss using methods such as OEE and Industry 4.0. Thus creating a more efficient, productive and modern production environment!

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Want to know more technical information about the meter? Check below for more information! and ask for your budget!

Main Applications

  • Measurement of the moisture content of the wood at the entrance and exit of the drying oven;
  • Moisture measurement in storage;
  • Comparison of moisture levels of wood;
  • Use on factory floor / sawmill;
  • Fast and easy to use;
  • Simple and accurate reading;
  • Robust design;
  • contact Measurement
  • Density adjustment from 0.20 to 1.2
  • Capacity for up to 500 readings
  • Record up to 50 lots
  • USB computer input
  • Issuance of Reports
  • Easy and fast reading
  • Freezing of reading information
  • Reading range of 2-70% (BS)
  • Resolution of 0.1%
  • Depth of analysis of 50mm
  • 50x70mm reading area
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Backlit LCD graphic display

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    Who is already using Wood Moisture Meter – M52?

    • With the implementation of Marrari’s Ecopower software, we were able to reduce drying times and considerably improve wood quality, mainly by reducing the crack rate. Regarding energy and biomass, we had some gains, but we did not measure the values ​​due to the fact that we increased production and increased consumption in other sectors.