Wood Pack Bundle Measurement Machine – LAM X

Wood Pack Bundle Measurement Machine - LAM X

high precision Wood Pack Bundle Measurement Machine for sawmills

What is a Wood Pack Bundle Measurement Machine?

The Wood Pack Bundle Measurement Machine is a continuous meter that counts and controls the production of bundled packs of wood, planks and other kinds of flat wood. Allowing control by tied, bundle, and by plank or pallet.

How does Lam x control production?

It offers several graphical and statistical features of your production in real time. You can check the quality, time and efficiency of your line. Thus managing to issue reports by batch, period or classes and issuing barcode labels for accounting.

And why use the Marrari equipment?

Because our equipment is optimized for your company! We create ways to improve the performance of production processes without excessive loss using methods such as OEE and Industry 4.0. Thus creating a more efficient, productive and modern production environment!

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  • Manufacture of cutlery
  • Decorative Blades Trade
  • Blade Production Control
  • Implementation of Industry 4.0 Methods


  • Entry table: 4,000 x 1,000mm
  • Output table: 3,000 x 1,000mm
  • Speed: up to 120m / min
  • Resolution width and length 5mm

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