Production Controller for Sawmills – Pro XT

sawmill production controller with industry 4.0 integration

What is the Pro XT production controller?

The Pro XT Production controller complete solution for sawmills wishing to enter Industry 4.0 and include OEE methods for production. The equipment controls according to the second the complete dimensions of the parts that may be entering the sawmill or leaving, measuring the quantities produced and thus allowing their complete management.

Why use the Pro xt in your sawmill?

In addition to being a powerful tool for the accounting of parts by lots, classes, supplier in real time to determine the quality (part dimensions) and other factors customizable by you.

And what other resources does it offer for management?

It also tracks several performance features such as OEE, where you can view second to second, the downtime and operation of your machine, operator uptime, part quality, and it still issues emails and alerts if you have a problem with Production. By joining these three factors you will have the efficiency index of that production or line.

What’s the difference between Pro X and Pro xt?

None, only that the pro XT can perform the same operation and set of solutions as the normal pro X, but in the transverse.

And why use the Marrari equipment?

Because our equipment is optimized for your company! We create ways to improve the performance of production processes without excessive loss using methods such as OEE and Industry 4.0. Thus creating a more efficient, productive and modern production environment!

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• Control of input of raw material in the process
• Quality control of the product
• Separation by classes of measures
• Control of production
• Optimization of material usage
• Longitudinal or transverse conveyors


  • High production capacity
  • Presentation of information in real time
  • High precision
  • Robust and simple to operate
  • Histograms for all dimensions
  • Production and Productivity Reports
  • OEE Reports

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