IV Operatinonal Wood Drying Course

The course of wood drying training, discusses the theme in broad aspect.
The training includes the specification of all the control items of the wood dryers, models of dryers, influences in the process, possible failures and tests for detection applicable.
The whole system of automation and control is revised and thus the possible doubts about the forms of action of this are clarified. Since all systems of automation and control of wood drying are similar in many respects, the training is not restricted to users of a specific system or model, and can be used by all workers in the timber drying sector.
Finally, the course clarifies the forms of elaboration of a wood drying curve, always taking into account the company’s final product, the wood species and the production capacity of the drying system.

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Ricardo da Rosa Uchôa
Industrial Engineer and Occupational safety engineer
Technical coordinator at Marrari Automação since 2009

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